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We are back from Tanzania!

Our website has moved.  This web site is about our internship in 2001.  We are now raising support to go to Tanzania and for all of that information.  Please go to this link to find all of our current information:

Current Updates: - - - look right for more Info - >
04/27/01-Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow, we have reached our goal but for about worth. Join us as we praise the lord for how he has blessed us.
03/23/01-Praise God, We've bought out tickets.
Our departure date is may 21st.
04/17/02-Praise the God from whom all blessings flow, our tickets were less than expected leaving about left to raise.
5/21/01-we have left the USA.
5/23/01-Our work really begins.
7/8/01-We are back in USA. What an awesome trip.
7/23/01-Bill has produced a couple of videos made for the computer burned on CD Rom. If anyone is interested in recieving a copy of it to watch on your computer, please email Bill at Please know it will take a week to get it.

Current Prayer Requests:

-Bill is starting his own business in video editing and providing tech services to churches for reduced prices of the going rate. Pray for it's success

What is Happening Now !!!!!!!
Larry Doggett, our state side mentor, knew of a man whom he held in very high esteem, Jeff Reed. Jeff at one time worked in The Congo along side Larry, but now is working in Tanzania with Pioneer Bible Translators. For some time Jeff has wanted to start a trainging center for nationals who will be involved in cross cultural evangelism. We also share this dream. While the training center is still in the planning stages, going to Tanzania would prove bennificial in order to aquiant ourselves with the people we would be working with as well as providing us with a practicum/internship.

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